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If you have experienced a work injury that results in needing rehabilitation, you may be put into a physical therapy work conditioning program. A work conditioning program focuses on preparing the body to physically be able to complete the tasks required at work. Physical therapists focus on improving an employee’s strength, flexibility, and endurance to the point that they can safely return to the job they were performing before the injury.

Each program varies, and the exercises and practiced movements will be job specific. Typically, programs include:

  • Job simulation tasks for specific job return
  • Preventing future injury by teaching correct body mechanics and safe movement patterns
  • Exercises tailored toward improving flexibility, strength, and endurance required for successful return to work
  • At program completion, a comprehensive home exercise program will be provided to ensure long term success

In a work hardening program, patients supervised by licensed physical therapists are asked to simulate specific job duties in the clinic. It’s a goal oriented program and may be provided simultaneously with each other.

Work conditioning is an integral part of work injury rehabilitation. It is a great way to ensure that patients can return to work safely, with a reduced risk of re-injury.