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In the state of Florida, it is no longer necessary to see a Medical Doctor to begin treatment with physical therapy. This “Direct Access” law was passed to directly benefit you, the patient, in getting speedy treatment for whatever musculoskeletal injury or dysfunction you may have. As a patient, you can directly access physical therapy services for up to 30 days without a prescription. This helps speed up the time it takes to get you the treatment you need during the crucial first few weeks after injury. To take advantage of Direct Access, give us a call today. We will set up an initial evaluation to help determine what is causing your pain. If you have a primary care physician, we will make sure that your initial evaluation is faxed over to them in order to maintain lines of communication and a complete medical record. Please note: Medicare does not recognize Direct Access.

Atlantic SportCare accepts Medicare, Worker's Compensation, and other major private insurance plans. The office is a Medicare certified and a Worker's Compensation certified facility. However, you can call us beforehand so we can check your eligibility for physical therapy benefits.

This depends on your specific insurance plan. We can check your insurance eligibility, and you may also want to contact your company about your deductible, co-payment or co-insurance, and your out-of-pocket maximum. We’re here to help you if you have questions.

No worries, we can always work around your clothes. You may want to dress as if you were going to the gym. We do not recommend sandals. Sneakers or athletic shoes are better for your safety.

Our goal is for therapy not to add to your pain level. However depending on the extent and condition of your injury, your therapy might cause some discomfort. Our therapists are trained at understanding pain limitation. You always have the final decision if you want to stop the therapy.

Yes, we have trained physical therapists to help you return to your optimal performance. We want you back in the game as quickly as possible.

Yes, we love children. We treat specific orthopedic and developmental issues in children. Feel free to call and discuss your child’s situation with our office before scheduling.

Yes, our physical therapists are trained at understanding the biomechanics of motor vehicle accidents. We treat many conditions including whiplash, disk herniation, shoulder injuries, and knee injuries that develop after a car accident.

Yes, we have treated hundreds of worker’s compensation injuries. Our goal is to return you to work as quickly and safely as possible.

Sessions usually last 60 minutes. However, depending on your diagnosis, injuries, and symptoms, your session could range from 45-90 minutes.

We always require an ID such as a driver’s license, and your insurance card (if applicable and/or required).

Physical therapy is a type of treatment performed by a specialist that is highly educated in restoring your function, eliminating pain, and getting you back to your optimal performance.

It includes a range of specialized exercises, manual techniques, activities, and modalities to all geared to increase your physical abilities and return you to optimal performance.

Our goal is for every patient to learn a program of exercises they can perform at home during treatment and after treatment is finished, to minimize the chance of re-injury and maintain optimal function.

Yes, we commonly help with rehabilitation post-surgery. Common surgeries we treat with rehabilitation protocols include:

  • Knee Surgeries (ACL/MCL/Meniscus
  • Neck or Back Surgery, Including Herniated Discs and Spinal Fusion
  • Joint Replacements (Knee, Hip, or Other)
  • Shoulder or Rotator Cuff Surgeries
  • Surgeries Due to Fractures

We work with individuals who are uninsured or self-pay.
Uninsured and self-pay individuals have a right to be supplied a good faith estimate of charges for health care services.



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